Just in case you were thinking otherwise

'the poor' are considered less than dog mess in Britain

*yes dog faeces gets picked up more often than not*

a shooting star is actually someone driving off rainbow road

…I don’t like

I find it irksome when Soca and Calypso is lumped with Reggae.

I find it irksome that to some, Sean Paul is considered a Hip Hop artist due to the rate at which he performs his lyrics and his use of Jamaican dialect.

I find it irksome that Garage and Grime either get put into already established categories or are thought of as ‘less than’ music.

The ineptitude of some so-called music writers is hilariously sad. It is not 1 genre per location. 

Are you aware that there are a plethora of music genres that emanate from the African diaspora in the Caribbean and the UK that cannot be placed in other genres because they are new?

Is it that it’s irksome to some that even after all this time, filled with exploitation and dehumanisation of these communities that we can still innovate?