The world’s logic is as follows:
Cornrows are so edgy!
Nail designs are so hip!
Lip injections are so in!
Hip hop is so dope!
“Black people who love hip hop with cornrows and big lips and designs on their nails are SO GHETTO!”

"To be *black*, or not to be *black*?"

"Is out of the question! Take from *black*, don’t be *black*…that’s the motto"

Sheezus Crisps!

By her own admission and judging from the video releases, Allen will do pretty much anything to get airplay.

File in: Possibly as lyrically bereft as those she mentions

I reckon she’s a foggy psychic, the lyrics were surely “Tesco struggles to fill bags”, then again, those bags could have been a metaphor for the current state of her career #goingnowherefast 

Those who’ve listened when she first came on the scene have grown up, maybe she should too…